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Njoroge Ngari Mukarara is a one-man guitar singer and entertainer from Nairobi Kenya. After school he joined Super Wanyika stars. He became very famous with a hit song DUNIA KIGEU GEU, meaning the world is wishy washy, today this tomorrow another way. He left the group and later formed another group with other famous musicians where they released quite a number of popular hits together They are all available on CDs and you can order them online or you can download them on your computer and burn your own CDs and for your friends.

Any concerns or comments, do not hesitate to write an email. Appreciation goes to all radio stations and DJs throughout Africa for playing my songs on air. Thanks to all music sellers for your good comments, to all my fellow musicians, and mostly to all of my fans in Kenya, Africa and around the world, thanks for your support. I perform for charity, non profit and church organizations. If you have any events all over the word, Africa, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan or Australia, for other Musicians who wish to join me send me an email.


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Njoroge Ngari is based in United states where he produce and entertain in all States. Enjoy our music, have fun and know we want you to have satisfaction in all you get from this site. and remember When you don’t see God in your problems, you’ll find him in praises and when you don’t know what to do, remember whom you know. Even if people tells you you are not saved god does not tell you that, He loves you more than the person discouraging you, We live at his mercy, praise and glorify thy name

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